Staff / Seat Leasing Services

Handpick professionals to serve your company’s goal better. ERA aims at providing expert staff/seat leasing services to elevate your growth process and sustain quality. Don’t settle for anything less when we have the quality services for your business growth.

Why It Is Important? Staff And Seat Leasing!


Handpick staff

You can choose what you think fits best to your need bucket.

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Access to top talents

The team members you’ll be given are experienced professionals and multi-talented.


Save cost and time

Save your cost and time by hiring the right team in minimum duration.


Decision making

Our experts are 24/7 available to guide you and make you take right decision.


Goal-oriented team

We can write suitable replies for your customers and keep them satisfied.


Shared risks

You don’t have to worry as we share your risks equally and eradicate them properly.

Staff/Seat Leasing With Empiric Resource Agency

ERA has just the right team that best fit your needs. We offer the best outsourcing model where there is an experienced staff to make your organization grow with ease and effectiveness. Our staff / seat leasing services is most appropriate for companies that aim to hire in-house and remote workers with minimum risk and resources. No more worries about a good team hiring, tell us your requirements and we will provide you the right fit.

Whether it is an administrative task or a human resource, we are all set to provide you the right one for your team. You will never feel like you have outsourced because our team gets integrated with your company’s goal and value so well that they work with pure dedication. Why wait and think when you have a right place to ring! Contact us today.

StaffSeat Leasing With Empiric Resource Agency

Team That Fits Right To Your Company’s Need


Let us give you an efficient service.


Our approaches are according to your needs and standards.
Introducing our captivating Staff/Seat Leasing Services! Our flexible, cost-effective solutions provide you with talented professionals and fully-equipped workspaces, all under one roof. Say goodbye to recruitment woes and hello to seamless scaling. Join our magical realm of hassle-free staffing and let us help you create a flourishing business empire!
Team That Fits Right To Your Company’s Need

Industries In Which We Work

Retail And Commerce

Grow your profitability and popularity increasing the volume of sales worldwide. We serve in the retails and ecommerce in regulated yet efficient manner. Experience growth with our expertise.

Financial Services

From bulk receipts to messy accounts, we got you covered. ERA is providing you a team of professionals to keep your financing wheels run smooth. Contact us now

HealthCare And Healthtech

From medical billing to scheduling appointments, ERA knows how to save your time and provide healthcare and health tech service with a touch of harmonious skills. Let’s connect!

Travel And Hospitality

Ready for a growth ride? We have got best strategies. We are providing all sorts of travel and hospitality services covering customer support and effective outputs. Let’s excel!

Transportation and Logistics

We move your goods better. We have a collection of processes for you from storage to delivery. You’re a click away from a seamless transportation and logistics service.

For Startups

We know the value of your struggle to create a presence in the market. And this is why our services serve the startups with more dedication and enthusiasm.

Why Choose Empiric Resource Agency

Why Choose Empiric Resource Agency

We are giving you right staff with right infrastructure. We make it fully-functional and well-equipped. Whether you need a good team as your staff or you are looking for warm/cold seat leasing, we got it all! From recruitment to training and management of staff, we provide all necessary services that your company definitely needs for a perfect work environment. The best part is that we are facilitating you with all of this without you worrying about physical assets. If you need an infrastructure, functional and equipped space, we can help.

Empiric Resource Agency makes you able to solely concentrate on your business while our team of professionals take care of your staffing responsibilities. We offer staff / seat leasing services to all sizes of businesses at affordable cost.

Employers are given an open ground to choose their team out of the talent hub we offer. They can handpick their staff members and other seat leasing service options with ease. We aim to provide you best staff / seat leasing services so that you sit back relaxing while we take care of you company’s staffing.

What Makes Us Know The Importance?

Staff and seat leasing is a priority concern for most of the organizations in present world.


Organizations prefer

hiring via an outsourcing firm


Of employees are either

remote or outsourced


Companies revealed success

figures based on good outsourcing


Of youngsters prefer

working with renowned outsourcing firms

Frequently Asked Questions
Staff or seat leasing service means providing appropriate staff or space to a particular company or brand. In staff leasing, a team is outsourced as per the requirement of the client and in seat leasing a space is arranged for the client where he can keep his business running. The control over hiring, management and processes is often handled by the owner. In some cases where staff is leased, the recruitment, management and processes are handled by outsourcing firms.

BPO seat leasing services allows you to focus on your core activities and leave the product information relevant work, space issues and proper equipment on outsourcing. Here are some benefits to look at: 

  • Quick management 
  • Saving time & cost 
  • Efficient planning and procedures 
  • Overseeing business processes with experts 
  • Professional approach 
A leased employee is the member of a team who is outsourced for a specific project temporarily. A leased employee comes into your organization only for the completion of a specific project or task or duration. He or she is leased due to their expertise in a specific field and their input is required temporarily.
The cost depends upon your requirement bucket. It depends on the number of employees leased, duration of leasing and nature of leasing. You may check our pricing page and select the service set as per your requirement. If you find any sort of ambiguity, our customer service is active 24/7 to assist you.