Medical Billing And Coding Services

Forget about errors and focus on profitability. We ensure smooth and efficient operations by handling the crucial tasks of accurately coding medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments, as well as managing billing processes.

What Do We Have For You In Medical Billing?

Knowledge based automation

Knowledge based automation

ERA helps with ever changing needs and challenges of payer

Error free billing

Error free billing

We will give you a seamless and error free billing operations

Highest recovery

Highest recovery

Our team will provide you higher recovery rates with maximum profitability.

Save money

Save money

You’ll be able to cut extra costs and save revenues.

KPIs informed

KPIs informed

You’ll be informed about AR per payers, denials, and cash flow in real time.



We will check eligibility, insurances, patient balance and much more.

What Is Our Medical Billing Service?

ERA medical billing and coding services is a comprehensive tool for revenue cycle management which is especially designed to assist more than 32 specialties in receiving payments more effectively and quickly. Whether it is about follow ups, rejection management, appeals, payment posting, reporting and billing, our knowledgeable staff will handle every aspect of your billing process.

We are dedicated to assist your billing procedures with ease and efficiency. We have a skilled workforce providing billing solutions. We own a cutting-edge AI technology and thorough understanding of medical billing process. ERA medical billing service is here to help you with billing operations and maximizing your revenue. Whether you run a multi-specialty group or a solo clinic. ERA has got your medical billing concerns covered with expertise.

What Is Our Medical Billing Service

Why Choose Our Medical Billing And Coding Services?

Billing Sophistication

We strive to lessen your revenue leakages with an efficient approach.

Advanced Reporting

You will updated about each control by outsourcing us
We decode the complexities of healthcare, so you can focus on healing! Our experts will conjure up accurate codes and seamless billing, creating a stress-free experience for you. Ready for a world of hassle-free medical billing? Partner with us and let the work begin!
Why Choose Our Medical Billing And Coding Services

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From medical billing to scheduling appointments, ERA knows how to save your time and provide healthcare and health tech service with a touch of harmonious skills. Let’s connect!

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Let Us Handle Your Medical Billing And Coding

We are devoted to assist you with cost-cutting measures while improving revenue collection. We are able to provide you with a complete billing and coding solution at a affordable price due to our cutting-edge software. It makes easy for us to provide you a seamless billing and coding as our team of medical billing and coding services experts know the specifications, requirements, pre and post procedures, reporting, reformation, payment operations and patient care.

Why invest on specialized billers when we can manage everything for you in just a single click.

Our system simplifies the processes involved in revenue collection, decreasing the workload on personnel and allowing you to generate good revenue. Working with Empiric Resource Agency allows you to focus on providing best treatment to your patients without having the headache of medical billing and coding. Let our team of medical billing professionals handle all your medical billing operations. Our services include Medical Billing And Coding Services.

Medical Billing And Coding Stats


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Medical firms need

online billing and coding


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online billing and coding


Researchers have admitted

good results of outsourcing medical billing

Frequently Asked Questions
Medical billing and coding is the procedure of locating diagnoses, medical examinations, treatments, and procedures recorded in medical records and then transcribing this patient information into standardized codes to charge government and private payers for physician payment.

The current health care sector includes two closely related areas: medical billing and coding. Both practices participate in the crucial reimbursement cycle that makes sure healthcare practitioners are compensated for the services they deliver.

As a result, the medical biller serves as a sort of conduit between patients, medical professionals, and insurance firms. The biller, like the coder, can be thought of as a kind of translator; whereas the coder converts medical processes into codes, the biller converts codes into financial information.

Successful administration of medical coding and billing is proven to be a strategically favorable factor for healthcare practitioners in today’s complex and growing healthcare market. It makes sense that medical professionals—including doctors, hospitals, clinics, and practice managers—have adopted coding and billing outsourcing as their secret weapon for boosting financial results.

Outsourcing medical billing has done more than just get a foot in the foyer as a cutting costs hero. In reality, clients are driving the trend as they increasingly see it as a tool that offers wider commercial benefits.

Debt collectors may contact you through phone calls, texts, emails, or letters. The size of your debt payments may also be subject to negotiation. If you continue to neglect medical debt, it could damage your credit and result in legal action.
You may negotiate over your bill before obtaining treatment if you have a planned surgery or scheduled medical services. For an estimate of the cost of your therapy, get in touch with your healthcare provider. To find out how much your plan will cover, present it to your insurance provider.
It depends upon the method you choose to pay your medical bills. Your healthcare provider passes your account to a collection agency when you don’t pay the bill and it takes much time. In this scenario, your credit scores will be impacted. Although it can take a year for it to show up on your credit report.